Precision Raceworks Hi-Performance ZF6HP19/21 clutch kit

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The Precision Raceworks Hi-Performance ZF6HP19/21 clutch kit designed by our sister company Propulsive Dynamics is the only high performance clutch option on the market for ZF6HP19 and ZF6HP21 transmissions and only available through Precision Raceworks!

This kit has been tested and proven on cars around the globe from 600whp up to 957whp! We only rate the kit at 850whp+ because people expect a rating but the truth is from stock horsepower up to 1,000whp and above these clutches will never be the cause of shift problems or problems holding power.

That is why our kit is the #1 choice of everyone from weekend warrior to the most competitive racer.


Product Features

- Faster, sportier shifts

- Firmer, more deliberate shifts

- OEM-like shifts during daily driving

- Ability to hold shifts at high RPM under full load

- Increased Power handling (850whp+)


Additional Parts Required
Just like when building an engine you can not replace any 1 part and expect to have a reliable engine capable of setting world records the same is true with transmissions. Because of this replacing the clutches alone are not enough because they can't do their job without the proper clamping force or even the best of clutches will still slip (which will destroy them).

- Purchase and use of XHP stage 3

- Sonax Zip Kit ZF6-GEN2-ZIP (for 6hp21 cars)

- Valve Body Plate (A063 or A065 varies by car)

- Propulsive Dynamics Upgraded Race Bushings

- Pentison ATF 1 Transmission Fluid

- ZF Overhaul Seal Kit for 6hp19/21 (1071298007)


Recommended Parts

- New or Re-manufactured Torque Converter

- New Transmission Filter (pan)

- Valve Solenoids

Actual Product Weight: 9.5lbs

Friction Material: G3 High Energy Friction Material (Technical info Brochure)

Plate Material: Kolene High Performance Steel (Technical info Brochure)

Fits these transmissions: ZF6HP19 & ZF6HP21

Package Contents:

A Clutch: 5 G3 Friction Plates (1.60mm) / 6 Kolene Steel Plates (2.28mm)

B Clutch: 7 G3 Friction Plates (1.60mm) / 8 Kolene Steel Plates (2.28mm)

C Clutch: 5 G3 Friction Plates (1.60mm) / 6 Kolene Steel Plates (1.65mm)

D Clutch: 5 G3 Friction Plates (1.57mm) / 6 Kolene Steel Plates (1.80mm)

E Clutch: 6 G3 Friction Plates (1.60mm) / 7 Kolene Steel Plates (1.57mm)