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BMW Fuel Injector Index 12 Genuine BMW 13538616079

Direct injection engines, like those in the BMW N54 series, offer superior fuel atomization in the combustion chamber, enhancing performance and efficiency. However, higher operational pressures can lead to component wear over time, potentially causing issues such as clogged injectors, misfires, and reduced power.

When replacing N54 injectors, you must note their index number for compatibility. These are the latest revision of N54 and N63 injectors, compatible with Index 11 or higher. For Index 10 or lower injectors, replacing all 6 injectors is recommended for optimal performance.

Installation Tip: Before installing, record the adjustment value on each injector (left hand side of injector. 2 sets of 3 numbers) for calibration. *Calibration is necessary.  Keep the protective caps on until just before installation to maintain proper seal compression and integrity.

*Excluded from further discounts