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High Pressure Fuel Pump kits offer an upgrade over the stock pump in your vehicle to support a high flow rate.

NHP S55 HPFP kit is compatible with the following models:

  • BMW F82/F83 M4
  • BMW F82 M4 Competition
  • BMW F82 M4 CS
  • BMW F82 M4 GTS
  • BMW F80 M3
  • BMW F80 M3 Pure
  • BMW F80 M3 Velocity
  • BMW F80 M3 Competition
  • BMW F80 M3 CS
  • BMW F87 BMW M2 Competition
  • BMW F87 BMW M2 CS


HP/WHP potential on gasoline: 1500
HP/WHP potential on E85: 1000
Tune Requirement: Yes
Recommended Tuning Suite: EcuTek, Bootmod3, MHD
Flow rate increase over Stock: 36% over stock
Max Operating Pressure: -
Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions