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ReFlex+ Install Harness - Flying Lead

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A flying lead harness is a wiring harness that is unterminated at one end and has an excess length of wire so that installation can be customized by the end user. That makes this section of the ReFlex+ Install Harness truly universal.

On one end, this harness has a 8-Pin connector to plug into any one of our ReFlex+ Main Injector Harnesses. The other end of each wire is unterminated and will be connected to the appropriate sensor, ground, or power supply based on installation instructions. Each harness has a wire for:

  • Switched +12v Input w/ inline fuse
  • +5v Input
  • Ground
  • Can HI
  • Can Lo
  • Cam Sensor Signal
  • Crank Sensor Signal
  • Map Sensor Signal

Please Note: This harness allows the connection of a ReFlex+ to any vehicle, however there are different ReFlex+ Control Units that are compatible with different vehicles based on MAF, MAP, and other sensor data. If you do not see your specific vehicle mentioned please inquire as calibration is required for signals to read correctly.