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ReFlex+ Main Injector Harness - BMW / Toyota A9x

SKU 200.1021
Original price $175.00 - Original price $195.00
Original price
$175.00 - $195.00
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  • Port injection harness for either Inline 4 or Inline 6 engines and has EV6 / USCAR injector connectors
  • DTM 3-Pin connector to connect to  an ethanol content sensor connection using the ReFlex+ Plug-n-Play Ethanol Sensor Harness
  • 2x DTM 2-Pin connectors to connect to external sensors like the ReFlex+ 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor
  • DTM 3-Pin connector for a 0-5v sensor
  • DTM 2-Pin connector for an auxiliary output to supply switched +12v and a low side trigger from the ReFlex+ Control Unit
  • 3x unterminated auxiliary output wires which function as low side triggers form the ReFlex+ Control Unit
  • DTM 8-Pin connector for easy connection to your choice of ReFlex+ Install Harnesses